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Make-Me-An-Offer Quilt Sale

In addition to the frightening cost of getting a new kitchen and bathroom, I am losing at least a third of my quilt storage space. The time has come for me to get serious about moving some things. Steve has put his entire collection of 20,000 baseball cards up for sale. Me? I’m going to sell off some of my quilts. Is there a quilt or quilt top you have always coveted? If so, make me a reasonable offer. You will not have a better opportunity to get that quilt.

If you want a quilt that is original in design but pays tribute to the long tradition of quiltmaking; if you want a quilt that is not identical to thousands of other quilts available on the market; if you want a quilt made to the highest standards of workmanship; if you want to feel a personal connection to one of your favorite quilt designers and quilt makers; if you want a quilt that has been published in a book or magazine; if you want a quilt now instead of waiting to finish it yourself; then take a look.

See the sorry state of my current kitchen and bathroom.

Some Things to Know Before You Contact Me (READ THIS)

1) I can only ship quilts to addresses in the
United States.

2) Payment must be with a cashier’s check drawn on a
US bank. For quilt sales we cannot take credit cards.

3) The standard shipping and insurance charge is $25.00 per quilt or top.

4) You can see quilts that have already sold by going to

5) If you are looking at a book and the caption says the quilt was made by someone other than Judy Martin, then I do not own the quilt and cannot sell it to you. Most prominent among such quilts is probably the blue and white Shakespeare in the Park. I can’t sell that one to you because I do not own it.

6) I have no quilts or tops from Scrap Quilts, my 1985 book.

7) I have no quilts or tops from The Rainbow Collection.

8) I have only one quilt top from Shining Star Quilts. That quilt top is Unfolding Star.

9) Some of the quilts I own I am not anxious to give up. If you want to blow me away with an offer for Snake River Log Cabin or Capistrano, for example, I’ll consider it, but it would take a bodacious offer to persuade me to let either go.

10) Here are some generalizations that might help you make an offer. In general, a smaller quilt will go for less money than a larger one. In general, an unfinished quilt top will go for less money than a finished quilt. In general, a less involved quilt or top will go for less money than a more intricate one. In general, an older quilt or top will be easier for me to part with because the newer quilts are more in keeping with my current taste. I'm sure there will be exceptions to all these generalizations, but please keep these rules of thumb in mind as you make an offer.

11) If you buy one of my quilt tops and finish it yourself, you'll be able to tell people, "This quilt was made by Judy Martin and me." That and a buck might get you a cup of coffee at the gas station!

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Make Me an Offer!


What are you waiting for?!!! Email me with the name(s) of the quilt(s) you want and what you're willing to pay. Just click here.


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