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Point Trimmer
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Product Information

Improve your sewing accuracy today! Pretrimming points before sewing allows you to align the patches properly, thus ensuring perfect fit. Plus trimming points reduces bulk in seams and minimizes show-through.

Click here to see examples of how the Point Trimmer works and how easy it is to use.

These People Couldn't Quilt Without the Point Trimmer!

  • "The Point Trimmer is great for quiltmakers who want patch corners that perfectly match."
    - Quilter's Newsletter Magazine, May 1997

  • "I truly cannot believe how much difference trimming the points makes in accurate piecing. Although I've quilted for 18 years, I've always avoided patterns with set-in seams (LeMoyne Star, et. al) because I could never get the triangles and diamonds lined up properly without a lot of trouble. The Point Trimmer makes machine piecing these designs simple, straightforward--as easy as putting squares together. This little gadget is WONDERFUL!!"
    - Mel Waite, North Muskegon, MI
  • "Judy Martin is a genius. The Point Trimmer is super!"
    - Frances Fournier, Vancouver, BC Canada
  • "I don't know how anyone can sew without trimming the points. I just cannot believe what a difference it made in my piecing!! What a wonderful tool the Point Trimmer is! When I sewed the first two trimmed patches together, and they just fell into place, I could have cried for joy!"
    - Darlene Welch, Canfield, OH

  • "I cannot get along without your Point Trimmer. Thanks for a great product."
    - Judy Sears, Minneapolis, MN

  • "I could slap myself in the face for not buying the Point Trimmer a year ago… I always spend at least half an hour trying to figure out how to piece the strips. This is a no brainer with the Point Trimmer… It's SOOOO COOOL the way those points on the triangles line right up… Judy is awesome!!"
    - Jeanne Longo, Londonderry, NH
  • "I will never make another quilt without your Point Trimmer. It is so much less painful to get those points off to start with. Thanks."
    - Veta Frenzel, Bryan, TX

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