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Judy Martin
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Red, White & Blue Star Quilts
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96 pages, 16 patterns plus 7 size and color variations, color throughout. Patterns range from a quick little table topper to king-sized quilts. 6 of the patriotic patterns are sized appropriately for Quilts of Valor (R). The book includes general quilt making information and specific helps for making Rising Stars and Evening Stars.

Timeless favorites made new

Star quilts and high-contrast color schemes of red and white, blue and white, and red, white and blue are enduring favorites for good reason. Stars are striking in their spikey silhouettes, comforting in their symmetry, and imbued with meaningful symbolism. The colors are bold, graphic, and timeless, yet the straightforward color schemes are easily mastered by a beginning quilt maker.

The quilts look equally stunning in all-over scraps or 2 solid fabrics. Pairing classic Evening Stars and Rising Stars with these color schemes makes perfect sense: Both the color plans and the geometric forms contribute to the simple beauty. These are basic stars, familiar to all, made from common shapes. Still, set in fresh arrangements with curved illusions, refreshing asymmetry, or unique combinations of several types and sizes of blocks, these stars sparkle anew.

Stars Over the States, with its circles of stars, is already a favorite!

Red, White & Blue Star Quilts features:

  • Complete patterns for 16 quilts and 7 size and color variations.
  • Out-of print favorites such as Shakespeare in the Park and Stars ’n’ Stripes Forever
  • Most quilts are published here for the first time
  • 13 illustrations showing patriotic patterns changed to 2 colors with easy yardage and cutting conversions
  • Yardage charts for Evening Stars and Rising Stars to help you make your own quilts or variations
  • Chart listing patch cutting sizes for a wide variety of block sizes
  • General quilt making information and specific helps for making Rising Stars and Evening Stars
  • Patterns range in size from a quick little table topper to king-sized quilts.
  • 6 patriotic patterns sized for Quilts of Valor (R)
  • Diagrams and specifications boxes designed to lead you visually through every step of making the quilts

Sparkler, 4 sets of nested stars set in 4 nested stars.

Each pattern features:

  • big color photo of the entire quilt
  • yardage requirements
  • patch quantity requirements
  • listing of quilt size, block size, and star size
  • piecing diagrams, complete with what order to sew the patches
  • quilt construction diagrams and detailed descriptions of how to piece the quilt

Judy Martin, the perfect designer to give you these patterns

For more than four decades Judy Martin has been designing star quilts. She is recognized as one of the leading authorities on the subject. Red, White & Blue Star Quilts is her 5th book devoted entirely to star quilts. She has designed and published hundreds of original star blocks and quilts. And her books frequently use the color schemes of this book. Quilters like them, and Judy enjoys designing and making them.

Judy has built her golden reputation on originality and accuracy, the two qualities that matter most when quilters go looking for patterns to make. She has published over 1200 original patterns in her long career, and she is the author of 24 print books and 4 more e-books. Many of her books are now standards within the industry: Judy Martin's Log Cabin Quilt Book; Scrap Quilts; Singular Stars; Judy Martin's Ultimate Book of Quilt Block Patterns; and Taking the Math Out of Making Patchwork Quilts.

When you're looking for a new quilt book, shouldn't you look to the author who has spent decades earning your trust with her original ideas and accurate patterns?

July Fireworks: Flying Geese units in a curved illusion of interlocking circles!

Which quilt is your favorite

Take a look at all the quilts in Red, White & Blue Star Quilts and try to pick just one favorite. It's hard to decide when so many of them are calling your name! Whether you simply want to admire them in photos or pick one to make for your own bed or to honor a hero in your life, your task is a tall one: This volume has so many beautiful quilts from which to choose!

Appropriately sized for Quilts of Valor®

6 of the quilts in this book meet the size requirements of Quilts of Valor®. Of course, every quilt in the book makes a patriotic statement.

"Kudos to Judy Martin for including six designs sized just right for Quilts of Valor® in her latest book, RED, WHITE, & BLUE STAR QUILTS. No one is better than Judy when it comes to designing stunning patchwork, and all of the sixteen projects included are satisfying, updated interpretations of classic American design. A consummate technician, Judy also offers tips on patchwork best practices, cutting and yardage charts, and advice on changing color schemes. Thank you, Judy, for dedicating your new book to America's heroes!"
---Marianne Fons, Board Member Emerita, Quilts of Valor® Foundation

American Hero, the perfect size for a Quilt of Valor (R) for the hero in your life.

Old favorites and new

Some of Judy Martin's most popular designs were out of print or difficult to find. Quilters were clamoring for Shakespeare in the Park and Stars 'n' Stripes Forever. Because they fit perfectly the theme of this book, she included them.

She adapted other previously published designs, expanding them from blocks only and adding borders and innovative sets, making them appear fresh and brand new. Of course, many of the quilts were designed specifically for this book and have never appeared anywhere until now.

Shakespeare in the Park, Judy's most popular pattern ever, now in queen size.

Judy's patriotic journey

Judy Martin's father lied about his age so he could enlist in the Navy and help out his family during the Depression. Because of his aptitude with the trumpet and trombone, he was asked to join the band. He ended up serving his country for 24 years, from before World War II and on through Judy's childhood.

Judy designed Military Band as a way to honor her father's memory. Many quilters have similar stories up and down their own family trees. Red, White & Blue Star Quilts is filled with projects to honor the people in your life, whether they served or simply made an impact on your life.

Military Band is a tribute to Judy's father, who played in the Navy band.

Why Red, White & Blue Star Quilts?

Do you love stars?

Do you want to make quilts that proclaim your love of country?

Do you want to honor someone who has served or is currently active military?

Are you attracted to quilts with high-contrast color schemes of red and white or blue and white?

Do you want a quilt book that you can trust to be accurate?

Do you want to make quilts that you will be proud to display or to give away?

Do you want to make quilts that extend the glorious tradition of your quilting forebears?

Are you itching to feel the intensity of getting wrapped up in a quilt project that truly excites you? Of course you are!

That's why your next quilt book should be Red, White & Blue Star Quilts: 16 Striking Patriotic & 2-Color Patterns. It's packed with the accurate patterns you want to make and the tips, information, and inspiration you need to turn them into quilts that will fill you with pride. Judy Martin has been one of the leading names in quilt design for almost a half century. Order your copy of Red, White & Blue Star Quilts today and let her lead you to your most cherished quilts yet!

Star Bright, a complex looking border that's easy to sew because the
sized stars have no joints to match when you sew the blocks together.

  • Wow, Judy has done it again…a new book with the detailed instructions we can depend on.... Keep this book handy for the next time you want a bit of zest in your setting plan. I usually plan my own sets but, frankly, some of these are too good to miss.
    ---Bettina Havig, author & quilt historian

  • Judy Martin dazzles again! Whether you're a beginner or an experienced quilter, this book provides the guidance you need to create beautiful star quilts.
    ---Julie Baird, Generations Quilt Patterns

*And be sure to see all the extra content and aids available on the RWB Extras page!

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