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Judy Martin
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The Creative Pattern Book
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As our stock diminishes, these final copies of The Creative Pattern Book have minor scuffed covers and are sold as is. 176 pages, 27 quilt patterns, color throughout, published February, 2000.The Creative Pattern Book is like having 2 great quilt books at your fingertips. First, it's a pattern book with its 27 complete and accurate patterns. But it's also a creativity resource. It's two, two, two books in one!

The 27 patterns in The Creative Pattern Book are presented with 20+ full-sized quilting motifs, rotary cuttting directions AND full-size pattern pieces with grain arrows and trimmed points. You'll be able to easily make any quilt in the book.

You don't have to make the quilts just as they are shown. If you want to go beyond and add your own personal stamp to these quilts, you can do it as easily as you can fall in love. Judy discusses what she was thinking as she created each quilt. At last, you'll get to see quilts through the eyes of one of the world's foremost pattern designers. Judy gives you colorful examples, intriguing suggestions, and specific how-tos that will empower you to add your own personal touches to the patterns and make them uniquely your own.

Shakespeare in the Park - This is one of Judy's most popular designs ever, and
the patterns for both of these versions can be found in The Creative Pattern Book.


The Verdict is In: People Love The Creative Pattern Book!

  • "The short review - Buy it. Her layouts are innovative and her approach, as always, makes you stop and think 'Wow!'"
    - Carol Miller, QuiltUniversity.com

  • "For twenty years, Judy Martin has been so far ahead of the field when it comes to design. The Creative Pattern Book is wonderful!"
    - Leslie Pfeifer, Quilt Patch, Fairfax, VA

  • "It is HUGE - and the amount of information it contains is unequalled. I cannot think of another book I can compare it to."
    - Clara Travis, Patchwork & Pies, McLean, NY

  • "The Creative Pattern Book is AWESOME. I've actually lost sleep reading it. I cannot WAIT to start a sewing project."
    - Anne Geissinger, Grinnell, IA

  • "I just received The Creative Pattern Book in the mail today. I have to tell you how great it is! I'm sure every quilter on the planet can benefit from this book."
    - Nancy Swanton, Calabasas, CA

  • "I have always loved Judy Martin's books because they are filled with such useful, practical, and excellent information...but The Creative Pattern Book is the best one yet! It's incredible."
    - Hope Lynch, Taunton, MA

  • "Judy Martin is down to earth, funny, opinionated, and smart. You couldn't ask for a better mentor."
    - Ami Simms, author of Fun Photo-Quilts & Crafts!

What do you want to make today? An Amish-inspired Wedding Ring
that has been cleverly combined with a Grandmother's Flower Garden?

How about a Flower Garden embellished with stars?

 Cover to Cover Judy Covers it All

It's a good thing for Judy there's no legal limit on how much meaty content can be packed into one book! The Creative Pattern Book has it all: beautiful quilts, the best practical know-how, and patterns that really work.

How about this explosion of colorful stars? It's Judy's Fancy, done with an attitude!


Item # : 900

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