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Judy Martin
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Shapemaker 45 (S45)
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Product Information

Save time, fabric, and money with the S45! The Shapemaker 45 is unlike any triangular tool on the market. Now you can easily rotary cut your favorite shapes -- octagons, trapezoids, prisms, bow ties, house shapes, and much more. You'll cut shapes faster, with fewer strokes and no fabric waste. That will save you time, fabric & money!

Click here to see examples of how the Shapemaker 45 works and how easy it is to use.

What are people saying about the Shapemaker 45?

  • "I knew from the moment I picked up each tool and began to measure and cut that I had the most professional tools around... I was so impressed by the accuracy using the methods set forth by Judy Martin... Thanks again Judy for making quilting more fun than ever."
    - Ellie Piltz, Cedar City, UT

  • "I just converted a very old template pattern into rotary cutting using your very-easy-to-use instructions and the Shapemaker 45. Thank you so much for all your wonderful designs and tools."
    - Karen Mundell, Littleton, CO

  • " My triangles are so much easier to sew! The S45 and Point Trimmer are a must for any quilter."
    - Barbara Orbison, Kannapolis, NC

  • " I received my Shapemaker 45 today, and I have tried it and now I will not be able to live without it."
    - Lee Wingo, Peoria, AZ


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